His Rules, Not Ours

So how can I say to you that we are all guilty of this thing called sin, and that we all need a savior to overcome it? After all, that kind of stuff just doesn’t fit in our modern society very well. In fact most people, if asked, would say they are doing just fine the way they are. And that “religion” isn’t their thing. Or maybe it is their thing, but they believe in a different god. Could be they do a whole lot of good things for the poor and needy in their community. Support a child in a third world country. Help a single mother they know with her bills. You name it, they are involved. Am I still going to say these people are going to hell because they don’t think the way I do? Well, no. I am not. Jesus never once said those words to anyone who didn’t already claim to know God, but rejected Him. That talk is reserved for true hypocrites. Besides, there are plenty of other voices screaming that message already. You don’t need one more.

OK. So, I said you are a sinner in need of a savior, but I won’t say you are going to hell. Then why should you even care about anything else I tell you? Well, because if you are still reading this, then you are either looking for a reason to discredit me, or you are searching for something more than this physical world has to offer. If, in fact, it is the first reason, then you aren’t going to believe anything anyone says, true or not, so you are not ready to listen yet. But for those who are searching for something more, if you honestly want the Truth, Jesus will not leave you empty.

Have you ever gotten angry with someone, and in any way secretly “gotten back” at them? Maybe your boss didn’t respond the way you thought they should in a particular situation, and you called off sick the next day even though nothing was actually wrong with you?.. Ever tell a tiny little lie to protect yourself?.. Ever make a promise you didn’t keep? Even if you had a good reason not to?.. Not do something your mom or dad told you to?.. How about the small item you took from that place that would never miss it, since they had more than enough already?.. Cheat on your taxes?.. Indulge in porn, or too much alcohol or food?.. Spend way too much time working while your family is left alone so you can have that perfect house, or boat, etc.?.. Maybe you know someone that is lonely and always wants to talk when they see you. Do you avoid them like everyone else?.. Do you love to hear the latest gossip so you can send it on to the next person?.. Ever curse at the driver who made a mistake and cut you off?.. Have you ever cheated on your husband or wife, even if only in your secret thoughts?.. Maybe you are single, but still have casual sex? And finally the big one; have you ever physically murdered someone?.. Jesus said that hating someone in our heart is the same as actually carrying out the deed.

Look, in some way, either big or small, we have all taken part in some form of one of these things. And this is far from a complete list. Simply put, there is good, and there is evil. But the difference between the two is not ours, as humans, to decide. The Bible says that God has always existed. He never began, and will never end. Time was created for our use. He however is not bound by it’s limitations. Therefore, He sets the rules by being The owner of everything. He answers only to the Truth that He is. I know that is confusing, and maybe too over simplified to truly make my point. But again, it gives Him the final word on what is good or not good.

Let me ask the question here; does that bother you? If so, then welcome to being a fractured person like every single one of the rest of us.

This is why I can boldly say we need a savior. God gave life to two perfect people. He explained His rules to them, and what would happen if they broke them. Those rules were to make sure they stayed perfect so they could literally spend face-to-face time with Him. And that was the ultimate goal for their existence; a no guilt, no reason to be afraid, completely soul-fulfilling friendship with the final authority of forever. But, just like you and I, they didn’t take God seriously and did their own thing. The result: no more access to their ultimate purpose for existing, guilt, shame, fear, and an open door for every other form of evil to enter their minds. AKA – spiritual death. And that spiritual death gene has been a part of our gene pool ever since. We are all born broken and guilty, and every one of us does the same thing they did; by choice.