Why Should I Choose Jesus?

As I sit here contemplating what I want, or actually need, to say, I find myself anxious and honestly quite scared. You see I have had this idea in my head for longer than I want to admit that something needs to be done about the move from “one nation under God”, to “one nation who doesn’t want to be bothered with God anymore” we Americans are experiencing. And as someone who looked to Jesus to be my Lord and Savior a long time ago, there is a chance that it may just be me He has asked to do that something. But before I go any further, go ahead and let the eyes roll, and the big sigh clearly state, “seriously dude, not another one of you turn or burn nuts and your gotta save the world for Jesus crap. When are you gonna’ get it through your fat heads that nobody cares about that God stuff anymore? What is it with you people? Just leave us alone already. GO AWAY!”

Hey, you know what? I hear you man. Loud and clear. And truth be told, nothing would be easier for me than to do just that. I get no pleasure out of this kind of thing.
And so I contemplate turning off the computer and finding something a lot more enjoyable to occupy these minutes. The only problem is that I can’t keep on waking up in the middle of the night full of anxiety and fear because I am ignoring God’s call to action. I have to be honest though, this is really hard for me because I don’t feel like I have anything of value to offer anyone. In fact, I’m not sure I would want to read any of this stuff. So why would anyone else? And yet, the results of disobedience don’t seem worth it.

Wow. Did you catch that? Did I or didn’t I just tell you I want to do something about getting you to turn to God, and then paint a dreadful picture of who He is? Sure seems like it to me. Man, what a convincing bit this ought to be.

Interestingly enough, I have no idea what is coming next. This is all off the cuff. But I think I just made a good point. Or Someone did. That point being that I told you I asked Jesus to be my personal Savior a long time ago, making me a born again Christian, and yet today I don’t really sound like one. What the heck? I thought Jesus made you all happy and smiley, and that being “saved” was the best thing in the world! Well. In fact it is. But is it possible that the picture or ideal we have of Christians today, and maybe always have had, isn’t the truth at all? Could it be possible you believe a dirty lie? Is it possible someone, or even a whole lot of people, have a reason for wanting you to keep believing that dirty lie?

Let me do the best I can to describe what being a “born again Christian” actually means. True followers are not those who see themselves as special, or better than all those other “sinners”. In fact, it is just the opposite. They are the ones who understand that there is not one single thing they have ever done, or will ever do, that makes them good enough or clean enough to be in the visible presence of the God who created them, and who will one day declare them either acceptable to live with Him forever in perfection, or to have to live forever in the misery of their own self-centered regret.

Now I have, of course, heard many times over, the declaration that you would rather choose yourself over a God who is so arrogant and mean as to send people to a place called Hell. But that is not the case either. It is yet another dirty lie made popular by those who want an excuse to not have to deal with Him, or those who honestly, like me, take the experiences of our past and superimpose them on the mental picture we hold in our minds of this mystical being called God. But back to those true followers. The Holy Bible clearly and repeatedly declares to every single one of us humans that we become “born again” or “saved” because a man named Jesus, who lived physically on planet Earth a couple of millennia ago, literally became the responsible party for every immoral, violent, deceitful, etc., thing any person had ever done or imagined, before or since then, and physically died on a wooden cross while guilty of all that stuff, and then took it into His grave, and left it there, while He physically took His life back and walked away from his grave. Again though, the guilt of all of us was left there in His grave. Therefore, we can live free forever, here on the earth right now, and in perfection with the perfect God after we leave here.

Now if you haven’t heard this kind of thing before, I am sure there are a million questions flying through your mind right now. And maybe one of them sounds like “you actually believe that stuff ?” To answer that one right now, yes. I do. And the reason is that since I opened myself up and asked Him to “save” me, I have experienced way too much to be fool enough to deny it.

There are so many more questions that need to be answered it is overwhelming. Like, if Jesus was a man like any other, why is He so special? Why do you call us all guilty? Why does He get to not stay dead while we have to? Am I going to Hell because I believe something other than you? If you have even seen a normal sized Bible before, you know a few paragraphs can’t do any justice to the whole story Jesus embodies. Even my “blink and you can miss it” description of what a true follower is, has a long way to go if I hope to change anyone’s mind about this subject. And I honestly hope I can. If God allows me, I plan to try and paint a clear picture of what those freaky Christians are all about. I pray I don’t fail in this endeavor. And I absolutely pray you hear God’s voice through my words. Because, if you remember, I am one of those who understand fully that I have nothing of value in my human heart. But also know that God uses those who are willing to obey Him in mighty ways.

Lord God, I am sorry for not caring about those you love.

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